Do you know how to dream precisely?


First you should distinctly understand and explain things you want, consider everything in details. And then by magic you get what you want.

Our bride Anna was able to realize her vision and desire, and received the wedding of her dream. Just married couple tried to find inspiration in themselves in their life and in the things what they most like.

The wedding celebration became not only the part of their life, but also the sequel of themselves.


The decoration, the color palette, décor details and flowers, everything reflected the character of the bride and groom. The elegance with the careless shabby chic style, mild splendor and refinement were presented in all details of décor style.

Gastronomic, palatable and delicately tasty buffet welcomed the guests.

Burgundy wine color in flower compositions, the photo-zone made of boxes for keeping noble drink  harmonically supplemented each other and emphasiezed the excellent sense of style of our charismatic couple.

The shine of grey and silver colors, white and cherry tones reflected both in the brides look and in the different elements of decoration. And all these details form a beautiful wedding event composition.



Фото: Ксения Антонова, Юлия Фурман
Текст: Юлия Гайдукова

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